How about getting your household tasks and repairs done for free?? Have you had one dangling broken door knob un-fixed for months and you still feel reluctant trying to fix it up, or maybe some weekends you just wished you got someone to come over to get all your laundry done FOR FREE? WithContinue reading “HOW TO GET YOUR HOUSEHOLDS AND OFFICE REPAIRS DONE FOR FREE ON WESABI”

My friends, My cofounders

Sometimes I wake up as early as 4am, about the time I’m writing this piece, thinking why our metrics  hasn’t quadrupled from last month, thinking of the best way to execute our growth strategies, looking for the minutest malfunction on the website (I always find one), then I beep John, one of my technical founder,Continue reading “My friends, My cofounders”

Should the Handyman transport fare be covered?

Should Handymen charge for their transport fare? Personally, I don’t subscribe to it, but then I’m thinking from a client side, if you ask 100 plumbers or electricians, 90 of them will answer Yes. Some couple of months ago, we were still contemplating this within the WESABI team; there was a request for an ACContinue reading “Should the Handyman transport fare be covered?”

They won’t see TECHNOLOGY coming!

I have looked around me in awe of how technology has evolved, evolved our way of life, way of thinking, way of doing things. The Nigeria and Africa community seem to lag behind sometimes, but you see, Paul Graham explained in his book; Hackers and Painters, “until the elite of Nations start to re-think theirContinue reading “They won’t see TECHNOLOGY coming!”

7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you are a cautious housekeeper and love to be handy, here are the top 7 necessary items to get your small task at home done. How many do you have? Philips screwdriver. A Philips or X-shape screwdriver is probably one of the most common tools in any toolbox. Flathead screwdriver. A Flathead or straight screwdriverContinue reading “7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have”