Hacks to make your bathroom smell incredibly nice

Use an air-freshener in your bathroom – This is probably the most basic thing to do to keep foul smell away from your toilet. I found this clear odour gel beads freshener to be extremely effective Vanilla extra and water – If you don’t like those air fresheners with all those different chemicals inside them,Continue reading “Hacks to make your bathroom smell incredibly nice”

How to replace a damaged plug in 5min or less at home!!

Have you ever had a damaged plug-head at home and felt it was too little a task to call in an expert for. In this video we show you a step by step DIY approach in changing your plug at home. It takes 5 minutes or less to do this task. Steps The tools neededContinue reading “How to replace a damaged plug in 5min or less at home!!”

How to Keep your toilet smelling fresh always

You will agree that there is nothing nastier than cleaning the toilet. However, a clean and fresh bathroom helps to keep the entire home healthy for that reason getting your bathroom clean and fresh-smelling will be of significant importance. The good news is, you can make your unique homemade bathroom cleaning ingredient which could eliminateContinue reading “How to Keep your toilet smelling fresh always”


If like me you are Rat-phobic and disgust having them around your premises, trust me you might want to read this article. A lot of times, these poisons that are being sold in traffic do not exactly work, in fact, lots of times, they do not attract the rats to consume them. Also, poison’s posesContinue reading “HOW TO GET RID OF RATS THE NATURAL WAYS”


While we work hard to clean our homes there are a few mistakes we make that leave our homes dirtier. We outlined a few below. We hope they are helpful. * Spraying furniture directly with polish; when you spray furniture directly, it creates build-up that is tough to remove and dust. To avoid this, sprayContinue reading “COMMON CLEANING MISTAKES TO AVOID”

Washing machine maintenance tips

The washing machine is, without a doubt, a very useful appliance in our homes. Therefore, lt needs to be properly maintained. We hope the tips below are useful. *Do not overload the machine; Overloading puts pressure on the motor and results in overheating. Also, a packed load will result in poor or no spinning atContinue reading “Washing machine maintenance tips”

How to know if your Air-conditioner need repair

Most homes in warm climates have air conditioning units. Given the expense of the equipment and the power, you need to care properly for your AC. Here are 5 signs your AC needs repair. *No cool air; when your Air conditioner is not blowing cool air as  it used to. *Strange sounds; if you findContinue reading “How to know if your Air-conditioner need repair”