How to clean your fan at home

The standing fan is one of the most affordable ways to keep your home or office at cool temperature especially in tropical regions like Nigeria. Then again, it gathers a lot of dirt quickly because it’s functionality is based on blowing air. If it isn’t cleaned often, then it can become a medium by whichContinue reading “How to clean your fan at home”

Your oven can be gross—here are the best ways to clean it.

Face it, your oven is filthy—but there’s no need to be ashamed. It seems like every time you use it some new spill or stain forms and slowly bakes into that once-pristine enameled surface. Luckily, most ovens include self-cleaning modes that can wipe away all that sticky grease and crusty residue. Even manual cleaning canContinue reading “Your oven can be gross—here are the best ways to clean it.”

Brand Name Materials Add Value To Your Home.

Replacing Household Items in your existing home? That’s good! there are many decisions ahead of you but always remember that quality, brand-name products and materials add value to your home and reduce the risk of unexpected problems like expensive repair bills. Don’t get overwhelmed enjoy touring model homes, browsing through magazines or surfing the webContinue reading “Brand Name Materials Add Value To Your Home.”