“OGA I DEY ROAD DEY COME” This was what I kept hearing from the workmen I had tried to get to fix some stuff at my new apartment.

You see, I had just moved to a new apartment in Abuja, Nigeria and as usual I needed some few house-fix done, finding a plumber and other handyman service was such a headache. I decided to do what most of us usually do when looking for workmen, called friends, friends of friends, new neighbours, even the security “mai-guard” wasn’t left out. I eventually got about 8-10 referrals and when I called them all, there was something common among the replies I got from them “OGA, I DEY ROAD DEY COME” (I’m on my way coming) but for 4 days long, nobody showed up. I had never been amazed all my life, so I resorted to the most unorthodox way ever, I got a number from a banner hanging from an uncompleted building 3 blocks aways from my house. Surprisingly this was the plumber that later showed up to fix my problem, well, albeit shabbily

This was when the idea of wesabi sprung into my head, creating a platform where households can book request for reliable and trusted workmen in a network created by a culture of holding oneself to accountability didn’t want a directory service, because then, re-creating my awful own experience only in another format.

Myself and my cofounder have come a long way in building and drafting the creme de la creme of workmen and women, some sourced directly from verified vocational schools in various categories ranging from plumbing, carpentry, Airconditioning service, washing machine service, painting and their likes in Lagos and Abuja.

If you are looking to get your home or office maintenance done properly, book your request of our website, or download our mobile app

or you can just reach us via WhatsApp 09076464645

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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