Step by step guide on how to create an additional source of income if you are in the blue-collar sector

As part of our objective on this page in helping service professionals in the informal sector to create more income streams. Today we will be taking you through step by step guide on opening your YouTube page and why you should start immediately.

Okay, so why YouTube? One of the most important principles in wealth creation is to create a revenue stream that can keep earning money for you for life even while you are not working at it. This is where having a YouTube channel comes in. So how does this work, YouTube will start paying you per video once you meet certain requirement , and trust me this requirement can be achieved, of course through hardwork. So what are those requirement, first, you must get at least 1k subscribers and you must have had 4000 hours of watch time on your channel. Now, let’s be me truthful, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it requires effort and consistency. but then again, that’s why we have created a community (a WhatsApp group) to help anyone interested to achieve this goal. So imagine in a year’s time, you are working as a plumber on a project in in a suburb in Lagos or even in Onitsha Nigeria while at the same time earning from a video you had put out there 6 months ago. That is the power of YouTube. Now before we get in, you might be wondering , what will be posting. I will also be giving you ideas and of what to post.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself a google email account (Gmail), this is because to create a YouTube page, you will need a Gmail account, if you have one already then you can skip this step.

Once your Gmail is ready, you head over to, you can also watch this video we did here for a step by step approach

One you signed up or signed in on YouTube, you will need to get your page prepared and ready to kickstart your journey. To do this, you will need to design banners, and a display image for your YouTube channel. Again, we broke down everything here in this video. We also recommend Canva

Hopefully with this approach, you can start your journey in achieving financial freedom. You can join our WhatsApp community here, where we motivate, and give ideas on content you will be posting on your page.

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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