How to become very successful in blue-collar sector

In our previous video, we discussed how you can get a skill in the blue-collar sector. In this video we will be talking about how you can actually become a successful being a plumber, a carpenter, an ac repair technician and their likes

Its not enough, to just want to be service professional in the blue-collar sector

  • The first thing you want to do is get some experience under your belt. The best way to achieve this is to attach with an experienced personnel in your field. Depending on the agreement with the personnel, this could paid or not paid. I personally suggest at least 6 months attachment. At wesabi, we also help new graduands from technical school by attaching them to our more experienced service professionals. So, what we do is, once we assign jobs to workers on our platform, we also notify trainee in that category, so they can tag along to job site. We pay transport fare to trainee though.
  • You also want to join an association of fellow service professionals. Joining an association especially if you are in a new location helps a great deal in getting to know how things work. Also you can be
  • Get a tool box: This can’t be stressed enough. A tool-box makes you look more professional also allows jobs to be easier to deal with. You can purchase one here
  • Document your jobs and journey (don’t underrate the power of social media): Get an affordable android device with an OK camera. Record yourself whenever you are out there working, in the video, do a short summary of the task you are there to do, how you believe this task will be accomplished. Post these videos on YouTube and other social media media, build a community for yourself. You can take a cue rom the wesabi YouTube page
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Always continue learning, never stop. The internet is a school on its own
  • Last but not the least, Join Wesabi

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