How to take professional pictures using your mobile phone

Lets get into it. 7 tips for mobile phone photography. Product photography to be specific.

1. Get a good phone. And no! I am not specifically talking about an IOS device. I use an android phone for shots I take. My candid advice when getting a phone is, get a phone that is more than 20 megapixels camera. For Budget sakes, I will recommend the Samsung A12 . Oh, my phone is above 18 megapixels and my photos are crappy. Well there can be many reasons to that. Just maybe you never clean your lens properly before taking your pictures. Or you have got a lot of scratch on your lens. Or, you don’t set focus before you take a shot, the other reason could be, you are not using enough light. Which brings me to the second tip.

2.  Photography is all about capturing light. There are two ways to it, if you choose to take product pictures outdoors, find an open space with shade. Do not try to takes pictures using the light coming through the window. Let me tell you why and you decide if it applies to you. 
Windows in Homes in a lot of countries have been blocked by burglary proof and window Net, Some even double their window nets. And over time dirt is being trapped in these nets, that enough light cant get through the window. What i advice is to literally go outside. In the open space and not necessarily under the sun. Depending on the time of the day you come out and you choose to snap under the sun, your images may just come out harsh. 
Find an open space in the shade set up your scene and begin tp take pictures. 
The second one is when you choose to take photos indoors. I recommend you get at least two light sources. One on the front and one on the right or you place both sideways.  Left and right. I recommend these ones and also Ring light can be used for a start

3. Master an editing App. Editing makes the difference. But you should be careful though.  I have seen cases where the final edits of a product looks very much different from the real look. When you edit, try not to change the looks like “color”.Editing Apps I recommend are snapseed and the adobe lightroom.  Snapseed is easier to learn but adobe lightroom is more powerful and complicated. Not to worry. you will be able to watch extensive tutorial of both apps on my YouTube channel here

4. Follow brands in your niche. Do you know why? That’s the best ways to develop your creative sense and open your minds to so many possibilities of product styling. These brands you follow can be locally or internationally. It doesn’t matter. Find them, follow them, if they come up in suggestions,  follow them. The more amazing product pictures you feed your eyes with, the higher chances of you creating such. You can find them mostly on Instagram and Pinterest. Search by hashtags for better results.

5. Props and backdropsBackdrops are also called backgrounds.  Props are items you see stylishly used in a photo to decorate the space so as to beautify the product in that space that they are advertising. In short, anything you see placed in a pictures that isn’t the product being advertised,  is a prop. 

Where to get them and how to use them.There are lots of Backdrops and Props on amazon. I particularly like the beiyang upgrated backdrop, it’s mobile and durable but you can select any check for an array of them right here. You can also check here for varieties of propsTo learn more about props and the use, make sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel and also follow us on here. We will be talking about different types of props and how they can be used for different purposes
Remember I mentioned to follow other brands in your niche. Whenever you come across their shots, you will always notice the kind of props they use for specific products, that gives you idea on props and backdrops you can use too. Need I mentions,  that personal items like jewelries,  shoes, hair clips, car keys, sunglasses, magazines can also be use as props in your photos.  Even natural objects like real flowers, leaves and wood barks. And branches. 

6. Default App: I recommend that you use the default app of your phone to take pictures. There is enough settings and control in there to work with, than the use of an App that most likely don’t have much authority over your camera settings. 
7. Flash light: Never ever use the phone flash light to take pictures and never zoom in with fingers before you take a shot. Flash lights are for you to see in the dark and when used to take product pictures,  creates a dark surrounding and leaves the product with a harsh light sign. When you zoom in, you loose photo quality and that’s not good for edits. It is better to move closer to the subject in question and if you can’t,  take the shot like that and then, you crop close when you edit.

These are the 7 tips for mobile phone product photography I have for you. Heed to them and you will do just fine. Got any questions? Please leave them in the comments.

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