How to paste your wallpaper at home by yourself

Wallpapers are great ways to Beautify our homes and walls. We’ve had lots of customers request for an expert to paste their newly bought wallpapers for them. I mean we always want you calling us but at the same time, we’d like to help customers save some money.

Today, we will be guiding you through a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach in pasting your wallpapers at home by yourself

First let’s go through what you will be needing to get this done

– Roller – used to roll gum on the wall

– Brush

– Top bond

– measuring tape

– Wallpaper

Next we talk about the steps

– First, you want to measure the space where the wallpaper is to be pasted. This will help to know the quantity of wallpaper that needs to be purchased.

– To start pasting the wallpaper, you divide the wall into sections based on the breadth of the wallpaper, then measure the length, so as to know what size to cut the wallpaper

– next is to cut the wallpaper according the measurement. Once this is done, make sure you double-check the length by placing the cut wallpaper on the wall

– mix some top bond with water, apply it on the wall using the roller, then apply concentrated top bond on the edges of the wall using the brush

– Next is start putting the wallpaper on the wall, make sure you ensure straightness by using a brush to straighten the wallpaper as you put it on the wall

– Apply more top bond at the opposite end, and more at the edges, this is to ensure the wallpaper sticks properly

– paste

– once wallpaper has been pasted, brush properly to make sure there are no ruffles

– repeat same process for subsequent rolls

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