How to replace a damaged plug in 5min or less at home!!

Have you ever had a damaged plug-head at home and felt it was too little a task to call in an expert for. In this video we show you a step by step DIY approach in changing your plug at home. It takes 5 minutes or less to do this task.


  1. The tools needed to get this done; A plier , screwdriver, black tape and then the Plug
  2. Next step is to separate the live wire and peel it off the cable

3. The plug can then be unscrewed and the wires are inserted as shown in the above picture. if there are naked wires overlapping through the plug, they can be covered with the black tape. Screw back the plus and you have have changed your damaged plug.

It’s that easy!!, for an elaborate step by step, please watch the video above or click here

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