How a Mechanical Engineer is thriving on Wesabi as a generator technician

About 4 years ago, I had met Chinenye at a client’s place during one of the random courtesy visit we give to our customers. Some of our technician were fixing ACs at her place, then they encountered some electrical issue that was going to stall the job till our electrican arrive.

Our AC technicians were about to leave when Chinenye said he could fix the electrical issue. I wasn’t convinced at first, but he didn’t just fix it, he was very articulate, his wiring techniques were extremely neat. Chinenye holds a B.eng in mechanical engineering, he always had an affinity to fixing things from a young age. You see, Chinenye isn’t just good at fixing things, he always goes further to want to know the process and engineering behind most mechanical issue. I engaged him to know if he’d be interested in joining the wesabi platform as an electrician. Our customer then chipped in, told us he will be better as a Generator expert as he had more knowledge fixing generators and mechanical stuff. Apparently, Chinenye had been there to discuss about his job seeking ordeal, as our client was a childhood friend of his .

It was the day Chinenye career path changed for good. He has never looked back since then. Chinenye is one of our top Generator repair person at wesabi. He says “Wesabi commercialised my knowledge and I’m always grateful for that day”.

Watch Chinenye interview here

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