How to paste your wallpaper at home by yourself

Wallpapers are great ways to Beautify our homes and walls. We’ve had lots of customers request for an expert to paste their newly bought wallpapers for them. I mean we always want you calling us but at the same time, we’d like to help customers save some money. Today, we will be guiding you throughContinue reading “How to paste your wallpaper at home by yourself”

Hacks to make your bathroom smell incredibly nice

Use an air-freshener in your bathroom – This is probably the most basic thing to do to keep foul smell away from your toilet. I found this clear odour gel beads freshener to be extremely effective Vanilla extra and water – If you don’t like those air fresheners with all those different chemicals inside them,Continue reading “Hacks to make your bathroom smell incredibly nice”

How to replace a damaged plug in 5min or less at home!!

Have you ever had a damaged plug-head at home and felt it was too little a task to call in an expert for. In this video we show you a step by step DIY approach in changing your plug at home. It takes 5 minutes or less to do this task. Steps The tools neededContinue reading “How to replace a damaged plug in 5min or less at home!!”

How to clean your fan at home

The standing fan is one of the most affordable ways to keep your home or office at cool temperature especially in tropical regions like Nigeria. Then again, it gathers a lot of dirt quickly because it’s functionality is based on blowing air. If it isn’t cleaned often, then it can become a medium by whichContinue reading “How to clean your fan at home”