Come join us

We will be adding some new sets of categories to the services we already offer at Wesabi. Businesses will now be able to request for lesser skilled workers in the informal sector such as drivers, receptionists, sales personnel even waiters and their likes via our new platform.

Additionally, our services will also be available nationwide, customers will now be able to freely search for wesabi verified workmen in their neighbourhood not just in Lagos and Abuja but also in ibadan, in portharcourt, in kaduna and all major cities.

Our goal has always been to make the blue-collar sector attractive and structured in the society we have found ourselves, for the past four years we have been helping home owners improve their apartment by connecting them to background-checked skilled workmen such as plumbers, electricians, AC repair technians and their likes.

Our first step starts here:

If you’d like to signup as a potential worker (receptionists, sales personnel, drivers, chefs, waiters, and their likes)

Please sign up below

Join us, let’s revolutinonize the informal sector together in Africa, starting from Nigeria

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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