If like me you are Rat-phobic and disgust having them around your premises, trust me you might want to read this article.

A lot of times, these poisons that are being sold in traffic do not exactly work, in fact, lots of times, they do not attract the rats to consume them. Also, poison’s poses a great threat to households pets, and if you have kids in the house. This article is focused on natural ways of getting rid of this rodents

1) Potatoes (powder form) – Get any type of potatoes (Irish or sweet), dry them in the sun, once properly dried, use a blender to make them into powder.

How potatoes kill rats – Once the powder have been taken by the rats, it gets them thirsty. When they drink, the potato powder expands in their abdomen bursting their guts and rats die instantly

2) Drowning the rats – I know this sounds very unconventional but then it works a great deal. You will need to lure the rats to a bucket filled with water with food in your house that the rats are most attracted to the most.

What you need to make this trap

  • Large bucket
  • A long plank
  • A small can (tomato paste can can be used)
  • Dish soap
  • Food (We used peanut butter
  • Water


If you do not like to do all of these by yourself, we have professional rodent exterminators at WESABI

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