While we work hard to clean our homes there are a few mistakes we make that leave our homes dirtier.

We outlined a few below. We hope they are helpful.

* Spraying furniture directly with polish; when you spray furniture directly, it creates build-up that is tough to remove and dust. To avoid this, spray your cloth with the cleaner, then rub the cloth on dusty surfaces.

*Using the same rag everywhere; Streaky surfaces? You might be over-using your cleaning cloth and spreading germs while you’re at it. Even if your towel doesn’t look old, it should be washed after each use.

*Not dusting your windows before washing them; if you forget to tackle the dust on your sills, any window cleaner that drips onto the frame will become a muddy mess of dusty liquid. A vacuum or microfiber cloth will tackle the mess nicely.

*Storing a wet toilet brush. No please! Instead of just dropping your wet brush into the holder, set it across the seat so it can drip-dry over the bowl before putting it away.

*Forgetting your trash can; if you notice an unpleasant odor in your kitchen, it might be an indicator that you haven’t clean your trash can in a while. Wipe it down once a week with a cleaner containing bleach to keep nasty smells under control.

*Washing windows when it’s sunny; even though a warm, sunny day might be the most pleasant way to accomplish this chore, the heat will cause your cleaner to dry before you can finish cleaning — leaving streaks in its wake.

*Forgetting to clean your vacuum; Forget this step and you’ll just end up pushing dirt around instead of actually cleaning. For bag-less vacuums, empty the canister after every use. Or if yours has a bag, replace it once it’s one-third full.


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