Do you know that there is a proper way to vacuum your rugs and carpets??

Well, we found a few tips that would help you vacuum properly.

*Have a vacuuming routine; don’t wait until your rug or carpet looks dirty before you vacuum. If you wait too long they might need deep cleaning instead of a simple vacuuming.
*Remove small objects from the floor; before you begin vacuuming your floors, make sure to pick up all the clutter and remove the small objects from the floor. This makes it easier for you to vacuum and prevents small objects from getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

*Pay attention to high traffic areas; some parts of our homes see more action than others, floors in hallways and living rooms are examples. Naturally, that means a larger amount of dirt.

* Move the Furniture Occasionally; you may want to consider moving the couch or coffee table so you can vacuum underneath those hard to reach places.

* Choose the Right Setting; make sure that you choose the right setting on your device. Many vacuum cleaners have different settings that allow you to adjust it based on the surface you are cleaning.

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