Washing machine maintenance tips


The washing machine is, without a doubt, a very useful appliance in our homes. Therefore, lt needs to be properly maintained.

We hope the tips below are useful.

*Do not overload the machine; Overloading puts pressure on the motor and results in overheating. Also, a packed load will result in poor or no spinning at all.

*Do not use excess detergent; Use of excess detergent would not only damage the clothes and also the water pipes and motor of the washing machine. Instead, wash clothes in small loads with less detergent

*The washing machine can wash cloths but not itself. Therefore we need to thoroughly clean it. If your machine has a removable lint filter, detach it and remove the accumulated lint from your clothes and attach it back.

* Clean the inlet hose filters, since when they clog up, this can affect the flow of the water in your cycle.

*Clean the detergent drawer; remove any detergent or fabric conditioner residue. Buildup of soap or conditioner may cause the drawer to leak.

* Prevent musty odors and mildew. Leave the washer lid or door open between loads to dry out the unit and keep it smelling fresh. On front-loading washers wipe down the rubber seal around the door after doing your laundry.

Finally, if you notice any of the below stated signs, kindly reach out to a WESABI PRO for a repair of your washing machine;

*The washer makes excessive noise.

*Water doesn’t fill the drum.

*The drum isn’t turning.

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