7 Jobs You Should Leave to a Plumber.


Although most plumbing jobs don’t require a plumber, there are others that you shouldn’t attempt to do yourself. Sometimes plumbing projects may need to conform to certain building code or the jobs may simply be too dangerous to do without the required training and experience. Other plumbing projects may seem simple, but in the end, you may not do things right causing leaks and even water damage to your home.

Below is a list of jobs that would be best left to a qualified plumber.

1. Clogged drains.

This is a very common problem, and while many people try to unclog drains themselves using chemicals, this may actually make the problem worse. It is a good idea to get a professional plumber to come out and give the blocked drain a proper clean so it is less likely to get clogged again. Blocked drains can cause flooding which in turn can cause water damage. Be careful about what you put down your drains. Using the wrong tools or cleaners to clear blockages can corrode or even rupture your pipes.


2. Installing new plumbing fixtures.

It’s better to get a professional plumber to install new plumbing fixtures. This is their job and they are experts at it, you may make a mistake or do a poor job which can cause problems especially if there are leaky joints. Get a professional plumber to do these sorts of jobs for you and save yourself time, effort and money.


3. Leaky pipes.

The signs of leaky pipes are rust and/or white or green deposits around pipe joints. This is a problem that should be dealt with by a professional plumber. The source of the problem needs to be identified and fixed properly or it is just going to occur again.


4. Anything dealing with natural gas or propane.

Always get a professional plumber to deal with projects involving gas or propane pipe work. They have the equipment to detect leaks as well as the materials to properly seal joints and fix leaks. There is a fire and explosion hazard if pipes aren’t installed properly. A slow leak which you may not be able to detect may build up and when the gas mixture reaches the right gas to air ratio, a slight spark from static electricity may cause a dangerous explosion. Using pipes, pipe fittings and thread sealing compound not rated for gas lines is very dangerous.


5. Water heater repairs

If you do not know what you are doing, you may actually cause the problem to become worse. It’s best to save time, effort and money by getting a professional plumber to do the repair right away. There is also a danger of electric shock if there is electrical wiring around where water may be present, so it’s best to not take any risks. Installing or repairing a water heater incorrectly can cause water or steam leaks that can lead to water damage.


6. Any project involving adding or moving a pipe line.

A project involving moving or adding a pipe line will require a professional plumber. There may be building regulations that need to be followed and you may not be aware of all the regulations that will need to be followed. 


7. Problems involving sewage.

Anything involving sewage is a major health risk to you and your family. Although you may be able to fix a simple problem such as blocked toilets yourself, sometimes it’s best to let a professional plumber deal with the problem. Sewage backups definitely require a professional plumber to rectify. The raw sewage blocking your sewer line is comprised of very harmful bacteria that can cause very serious health issues if not handled properly.

Only a professional plumber has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to handle these sorts of problems properly.  Where the job could potentially be dangerous or even just complicated, it’s best to just get a professional plumber to come out and do the job for you. You don’t need to spend time on a project only to resort to calling a plumber anyway. You don’t have to spend more money than you needed to because you underestimated the project.



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