Brand Name Materials Add Value To Your Home.

Replacing Household Items in your existing home? That’s good! there are many decisions ahead of you but always remember that quality, brand-name products and materials add value to your home and reduce the risk of unexpected problems like expensive repair bills.

Don’t get overwhelmed enjoy touring model homes, browsing through magazines or surfing the web to find the latest in styles, materials, and trends. Let your imagination take over as you visualize your family living in a comforting and inviting home you are going to fashion.

Ensuring all the products and materials you choose are the best quality is next. Whether it’s plumbing fixtures, lighting, wall painting, insulation, windows, doors, air conditioners or any other component of a home, the selection can seem endless. Now, other than the listed or estimated prices, how do you know what the differences are?

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Our advice is select known brands. The manufacturer of a product should always be considered. It may be tempting to capitulate and choose a “no-name” product because of the low price but if you’re doing a price comparison, be sure you compare apples to apples. Will it provide reliable performance? Are the components durable? If something goes wrong, what warranty and service coverage is provided? Is the manufacturer still going to be around in a few years to stand by its product? In many cases, non-branded products and materials may be very difficult to service or replace — not to mention the aggravation of dealing with a product that has failed.

Quality, brand-name products, and materials add value to your home and reduce the risk of unexpected problems like expensive repair bills.

Recently against a plumber’s advice, a homeowner insisted on purchasing and installing a low-priced toilet. Unfortunately when it leaked, the cost to repair the damage far exceeded what a quality toilet would have cost. It’s a tough way to learn a lesson.

The lowest price rarely means the best value. Ensure every product and material you choose is backed by a reputable manufacturer that will provide a solid warranty.

Your family and your housing needs are unique so also choose products that suit your lifestyle. For instance, a high glossy floor may not be practical for a family with children or pets. With all the product and material choices available, there will be one designed to fit your particular needs and style. Many home builders, Artisans, and renovators can help identify leading brands to ensure you end up with building products and materials that will best suit your lifestyle and budget. Brand name manufacturers place a high value on their reputation and on your satisfaction with their products.

The advantages of choosing brand name products or materials include:

  • Brand name manufacturers invest in the research and development needed to constantly improve their products.
  • Brand name manufacturers provide builders and renovators with technical support to ensure their products are installed properly. Knock-off products often do not perform the way standard brands do, causing many installation problems.
  • Brand name manufacturers provide consumers with warranty protection.

Having sustainable efficient homes is important. Have access to reliable workers for estimates.

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