How To Replace A Tap

Whether you want to change the look of your bathroom or kitchen with a new tap fitting or your current tap has stopped working, you can replace the tap yourself without too much trouble.


Before beginning, turn off your water supply and hot water cylinder. If you’re not sure how to turn off your water supply.

Once the water is turned off, turn the tap on to drain any water in the system. Also, put a plug into the sinkhole to stop any small objects from falling in while you are working.

To remove a tap:

  1. Reach up underneath the sink or inside the vanity and undo the collar that is holding the tap hoses in place. It’ll be right beneath the base of the tap and you might need to use a ring spanner or adjustable spanner to undo it.
  2. Once loose, slide out the old tap from the top side of the sink.

To insert the new tap:

  1. Screw the threaded rod which came in the box into the underside of the new tap using a screwdriver to tighten in place.
  2. Insert the hoses into the remaining two holes in the underside of the tap then slide the tap into place in the sink.
  3. From underneath the sink screw the new collar into place and connect the hoses to the water supply; remember red for hot water and blue for cold.
  4. Turn the tap to the off position before turning the main water supply back on.

NOTE: the tap may cough and splutter a little until any air bubbles have been removed from the system.


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