6 Things Your Handyman Won’t Tell You (But Every Homeowner Should Know)

Handyman Tip 1:  Your handyman, no matter how experienced, may not know everything!

Your handyman may not know everything, but a little communication goes a long way.  If he says he can’t do something, this is a sign you can trust him.  So discuss what home repairs you need to be done clearly and get his advice.  Even if it’s not in his scope, he will more than likely be able to do some research for you – whether it’s through YouTube tutorials or phoning a friend in the trade – and then advise you accordingly or refer you to someone who specializes in that field that you can trust.


Handyman Tip 2:  From the start, your handyman says he can do it all? 

Let’s be serious, no-one can do it all.  When it comes to plumbing and electrical matters, he may say he can do it all but those kinds of things are best left to specialized home repair guys in that field.  If he isn’t willing to admit that he would like to get the advice or help from those other professionals, perhaps it’s time to find a new handyman who is more honest.


Handyman Tip 3:  There is, in fact, some DIY plumbing that you can do yourself.

Obviously, for big home repair jobs get in the professionals, however, for smaller jobs like blocked drains, it’s a lot cheaper to try yourself first.  It’s also a lot easier than you may think.  Before you call your handyman or plumber try a plunger or a drain-cleaning tool – these work quickly and save you a fortune on call out fees. Also, don’t forget to check DIY and How to channels on YouTube, there is tons of useful home repair information out there to help!


Handyman Tip 4: He isn’t the cheapest. Prices do vary.

There are tons of variables, outside of time and parts, which go into the prices that a handyman may quote.  These can include anything from how busy he may be, to the travel time it takes to get to you or even the state of your home.  Shop around!  Get trusted handymen on wesabi.com or get quotes to find the cheapest.


Handyman Tip 5:  What if he wants cash without a receipt?

No matter how much you trust your guy if you’re going to pay him cash make sure that there is proof of payment.  Not only does someone wanting to be paid under-the-table raise concerns about his credibility, but should the thing he fixed, break, you’ll have no proof that the job that was done.


Handyman Tip 6:  You should just leave him to get the job done? No!

Keep a watchful eye on the job and your home, regardless of how much you know about the work he is doing.  Not only can you then confront him if he or one of his workers break something in or around your property, but your presence will help with home security dramatically.  

© Steve LockLatch

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