3 Amazing Things You Never Thought Top Bond Glue Can Do.

top bond glue

TOP BOND is a White high-quality water-based adhesive. Below are Its other uses asides from the Carpentry use we all know.

  • TOP BOND is used on the pallet to secure garments for printing and can be sprayed on belt printers. As a screen printer’s adhesive, it remains tacky.screeenprinting
  • TOP BOND is used for best quality starching
    • The direction of use:
      To starch a shirt,  dissolve a spoonful of top bond in very little warm water to ensure that the bond fully dissolves. When fully dissolved, mix with little more water but make sure the water you add is just enough for your shirt to fully absorb without remainder. (i.e. No water left after immersing shirt).
      When you have done the mixing, dip your washed shirt into the starch mixture to absorb it fully, then spread it without squeezing any water off the cloth.
      The best spreading posture/position is horizontally (maybe on green grass). This ensures that the starch spreads uniform and not just pronounced to the edges of the cloth.
    • starched shirt
  • You think TOP BOND is mainly for WOOD. Well, you got it Wrong! It can be used to bond leather, rubber, canvas, paper, plastic, glass, metal, and concrete!!!  Always clean areas to be treated, apply TOP BOND by brush, spray or roller. Use full strength.

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16 thoughts on “3 Amazing Things You Never Thought Top Bond Glue Can Do.

  1. Please can I use this top bond on black dress without it leaving white substance on the dress , cus other starch I use dose it.


  2. I’m quite confused here. I’m a screen printer and I need to be 100% sure Top bond can be used as a form of pallet adhesive for T-shirt printing.

    Do I just apply it on my pallet or do I have to mix it with another compound? Because last time I checked, when it dries up, it dries up for good. So please try to make me understand better. I have searched the whole of Nigeria looking for T-shirt pallet adhesive and this blog has really come as a form of relief.

    I really hope it can be done


    1. Sorry about the late reply. You mix some top bond with water, then apply on the back of the wallpaper which is going to pasted on the wall. I will be writing a DIY on how to paste wall paper at home this weekend. Hopefully it can come handy


  3. When apply top bone glue on the surface of wood and it dry in case you want to clean it of after drying,what can you use to clean it off when it dry ?


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