Here Is How Often You Should Clean Your Stuff. [Infographic]

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that none of us know exactly how long we should go before cleaning the everyday essential items in our homes. It can be very difficult working out whether our bedcovers need changing if the refrigerator needs a good spritz or whether the oven is overdue for a deep clean. Well, we decided to do some research to find out once and for all, just how often we should clean all of our stuff.

Perhaps most surprising to us was the fact that apparently, we should be washing our sheets every single week, due to the threat of dust mites and their tendency to trigger health conditions like asthma. Furthermore, it turns out that we should be washing the mattress that our bedsheets sit on every six months, for similar reasons.

Plus, who knew that it is recommended to only wash jeans after several wears? If you are like me and wash them after every time you wear them, you risk rapidly shrinking them and reducing their lifespan.

There are plenty more revelations in the infographic below so read on to discover how regularly you need to clean all of your things. We have also included cleaning instructions to help you in your chores.


We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments section!


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