We went the HARD way

We were featured in a popular newspaper some weeks back and the headline read “How we grew WESABI by 1000% in 4 months” but in the real sense of it, the answers were not in that interview. I had had an off the camera chat with the interviewer, and one of the things we discussed was how we were able to double-down on our growth. I suppose that influenced why he headlined the article with that, of course, it was a perfect click bait.

So many people had beeped me asking how we did it. Some couple of days ago, I responded on Facebook to one of the people I respected in the Nigeria Tech Ecosystem. Below was my response;


As at June/July 2016 we use to do 2-3 jobs bi-weekly. We were bootstrapping then and really looking for ways to increase our requests. We had been trying out some generic methods, social media and emails, but our growth was still really slow. We then decided to explore something harder, so we printed and addressed letters to residents in VGC, Lagos. We started going from house to house in VGC distributing letter, in the letter, I introduced myself and explained what we offered at WESABI. We found something out; for those houses that we were fortunate to meet the residents, they all had something to fix, but as everyone feared calling any Artisan to fix anything in their house. I assured them, they will be monitored. The first time we did this, distributed 100 letters with my friend, and got 40 requests that same day. That’s huge with reference to any marketing channel.

There was an issue though, printing the letters were quite expensive, even when I had my friend help me with some printing from his office, it took him 2 weeks to print 100 letters from his office for me. Asides this, it is a very demanding and exhausting method. As at that time, we couldn’t do much of this technique.

By October, 2016, we were fortunate to get into the Ventures Platform Accelerator program. We had access to some funding. We also already knew what was working for us, so the funds came at the right time. We employed field agents, but then we monitored them when the sharing was taking place. We tried it in Abuja, for some reason it didn’t really take off in Abuja suburbs, so we then focused on Lagos Island communities. We finished up with VGC, then moved to Ikoyi Lagos, going from house to house doing the same thing. Dropping letters, and making sure Agents were trained on how to talk to clients they met at home.

By the end of December we were averaging 40 jobs weekly, people who used our service the first time, and were impressed, referred their Neighbors who had always had something to fix. By Jan/Feb we were doing 60-80 jobs weekly. We also started to notice that word of mouth and referral from people who we had used us was starting to be our most potent acquisition, so now we are launching a referral system, where clients can earn points that can be used to pay for subsequent jobs.

We were a resolution company, the extremely few bad jobs we had, we made sure either the Artisan goes back to fix the job or we assigned someone else to get it fixed. Users came back all the time they had something to fix, we were partially solving the circumvention issue where clients boycotted our website even before we had insurance in place. A lady (name withheld) in Ikoyi loved our service so much, she literally told half of the entire estate to try us out, those that did, weren’t disappointed too.

What we could infer from our method was Every single person had something to fix in their home, it was just left for us to convince them to let us (Wesabi) do the repairs

While writing this article, my colleague wondered why I will “reveal” our “secret sauce”, I told her, you know this wesabi team, we always do the hard things most people can’t do. If you are reading this and reside in Nigeria, you might want to try us out HERE


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