How to Clean Your Floors: Believe it or not, there’s a right way to Mop!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

Mopping. Not really the most exciting subject matter. This is until you find yourself the proud owner of floors that just don’t seem to come clean or that always look a bit lackluster. They can make your whole house feel icky and if you’re like most people, then you probably never really put much thought into whether you’re really mopping them correctly or not.

Now, this little tutorial today is going to be all about cleaning tiled or your basic hard-working kitchen, bathroom, and entryway type of floors.

Of course, I have a little story to go along with it.

We had tiled floors that got a lot of traffic and got very dirty. We spent hours trying to get them to look presentable, but the cleanliness level really wasn’t very easy to maintain, especially while keeping the labor budget in check! All you managers out there know what I’m talking about! One day a cleaner in our network gave us a little lesson on how to properly mop our floors. That moment changed my life! Well, the 10 minutes a day of my life that we spent on mopping and the 30 minutes or so a month that I used to spend explaining to why the floors were always dirty-looking. This method really works!

Here’s what you do!

First of all, it’s called “slop mopping”. I know. You love it already, don’t you?

You start out by filling a bucket or your kitchen sink with hot water and some kind of cleaning solution. If you have a favorite, by all means, use that. A little dish soap and some vinegar does the trick just as well too!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

Next, grab your mop! Despite all the new-fangled mopping gizmos out there, a classic cotton mop is still the best. It holds on to water and dirt, but it also lets it go. This is key! The great thing about these types of mops is that you can take the mop head off and wash it either in a washing machine or by hand and then dry it out really well. With some of the foamy mops, you never really know if they’re clean and you end up having to replace the heads more often because they get gross, smelly, and they spread the yuck around.

So next you’re going to dip your mop into your hot, soapy water.

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

Now, here’s where things get crazy, so stay with me. Normally you’d wring your mop out now and get to work, right?

No! Don’t do that!

Just let it drip out for a second or two…

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

…and then BLAMMO! Slop it on the floor!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

See? I told you! Slop mop!

Now, you’re only going to work in small sections. If you have 12″ square tiles, that means only 4-6 tiles at a time.

Spread the water over that small area using only 3-4 swishes of your mop. In this step you’re putting the soapy water down and letting the cleaners do the work for you.

Next, go back to your sink or your bucket and wring all that excess water out of your mop.

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

My mop twists on itself to wring out, but yours may use an attachment on your mop bucket. Both work just fine!

Next you’re going to go back with your freshly wrung-out mop and pick that dirty water back up off the floor!

But here’s the key!

Only swish your mop back and forth about three times over that spot! Then wring it out and if there’s still more water to pick up, do it again! If you go over it more than three times, you’re just putting the dirty water right back down!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

You’re going to get into a rhythm and this is all going to go much quicker than it sounds, I promise.

So then you just go all around your floor, putting clean water down and then picking it back up a few seconds later. In no time, your floor will be the cleanest it’s ever been!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!

So pretty, right?

Now don’t worry if you don’t always mop your floors this way. It’s good to know for when you really need it, but if all you have time to do is toss down an old towel and skate around on it to get rid of the worst of the mess, sometimes that’s just fine too! 🙂 When you really need the white glove treatment though, you’ll have this one in your back pocket!

There's a right way to mop your floors! Who knew?!



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