Supermen who don’t wear capes

In March 2016, we got into a program at CC hub, Lagos, called Growth Academy. We were bootstrapping WESABI, and we were looking to learn as much as possible to how we could grow with limited amount of funds. Japheth Omojuwa had played in huge role in WESABi getting into this amazing program. In what will become our first main learning period about running a tech startup in Nigeria, but this is another topic entirely, this isn’t what this write up is about.

Getting into Growth Academy offered us the opportunity to explore the Lagos market, as we had launched WESABi from Abuja. We also didn’t want to repeat some mistake we had made from launching in Abuja earlier, recruiting a lot of handymen/Artisans and then, they hooked their hopes totally on us getting them jobs. Oh well, they were disappointed, and we had ended putting ourselves under so much pressure. In Lagos, first thing I did was approach a friend of mine, who was at that time heading one of the facility management that serviced banana republic. He also became one of our adviser, as he had lots of experience in managing handymen.

He had told me how they regularly send their workers on technical training courses and customer relationship management. These were the perfect workers to kick off the Lagos market with. There was one problem though, they only had 2 off days during the week, and they were always busy when at work. I don’t give up on obstacles, so I decided to ask my friend if there were any of them who had resigned or left to become independent. That was the gateway, while they weren’t much, I was sure of extreme quality, this was when I met Adex.

Adex is a certified joiner (carpenter), but you see like, Adex also knows tiling, painting and plumbing. He is awesome. Adex isn’t just highly skilled, he has great customer relationship. We always got great reviews anytime we sent him out on a job. Adex is a family man, he has two kids in the University, while he didn’t get a fancy university degree, he didn’t let that deter him from being one of the best in what he does. There is also something that impresses me about Adex, his son comes along with him to learn from him (when he is on a school break).

We have hundreds of Adex-type workers at WESABI, the everyday supermen who don’t wear capes!

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