How about getting your household tasks and repairs done for free??

Have you had one dangling broken door knob un-fixed for months and you still feel reluctant trying to fix it up, or maybe some weekends you just wished you got someone to come over to get all your laundry done FOR FREE?

With WESABI freebies are now a possibility. How does this work though? So, you remember the traditional ways which we always got someone to come fix something at our place, by calling friends and neighbours to refer someone, blindly. Oh yes!, but now imagine, you are still doing the same thing but this time you are actually referring reliable, quality and well vetted service providers to your friends and neighbours. How cool is that?!!!

For every 5 friends/neighbours you refer to WESABI, you earn 1000 points which is an equivalence of local currency that can be used as payment for your next job.

The more people you refer, the more points earned, the more free jobs you can get done for yourself.

Start Now! Visit our website, once you are logged in your profile, click on “Refer a friend”, choose from our multi channel; Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, email even text message. Once the person you refer completes a job, you points. It’s that easy

For New users, to be eligible for this freebie, you need to get your first task done, ranging from; Cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, laundry, AC repairs etc by one of our Wesabi Pro. You can Get started here

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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