My friends, My cofounders

Sometimes I wake up as early as 4am, about the time I’m writing this piece, thinking why our metrics  hasn’t quadrupled from last month, thinking of the best way to execute our growth strategies, looking for the minutest malfunction on the website (I always find one), then I beep John, one of my technical founder, hoping he will see my messages when he wakes up later in the morning but John replies my messages at 4am. He is also working out ways to make our technology better, all the time. This goes to my other cofounders; Shawn and Zainab, working smart and tirelessly on how WESABI can conquer Nigeria sometime very soon and then Africa.

You see I had met Shawn back in the school, we attended University of East London together both studying Information Systems, he was a year above me. Everywhere I find myself, I always love to mingle with people smarter than me, Shawn was a smart lad, I knew it right from the very first time we met, in kuala Lumpur at the train station, heading back to school. We sat beside each other through the trip and discussed so many topics, he was a very intriguing person, so we became good friends. While I always aced my courses, he was my go to guy when I had problems in database courses. I never pretty much got a hold of database back in school but there was always Shawn to the rescue.

Zainab and I share something a little more profound, I wouldn’t bore you with how I met Zainab but I liked her, she didn’t like me very much. There was something about Zainab, she was smart, and creative with her thoughts. I always love having conversations with her, we argued a lot, she wouldn’t let me win, she always felt she knew what she was talking about with proofs and references. The boy-girl chase kicked in, we dated then got hitched then she became friends with Shawn too.

While I was still working 9-5 in one of my previous workplace, we had been looking to hire a good developer for sometime. I was the Business development manager, I was part of the panel interviewing for this role. My experience as a developer too was needed. We had interviewed quite a number of candidates, I personally didn’t like any, not because they were bad in software development but I always look for attitude before professional skills while questioning people on what they can offer. One week had passed, and nobody had met the criteria. Some day during the second week, John was one of the candidate that showed up, it was the first time I met him. He was humble, and smartly dressed. He spoke with so much passion about his work, he showed us projects he had personally built. I remembered asking him if he had a project he was working on, he showed me a guest registration system he was about to finish, asked him if he could finish it during this interview. He was affirmative, he rounded it all up, right there and then. John was hired, He was a smart lad. We worked closely at work because of our roles but asides that, we became friends, we hung out after work…with Shawn too, sometimes with Zainab.

You see we were all friends even before wesabi came into the picture, we will discuss ideas, executions and their feasibility. When the idea of wesabi came forth after Zainab and I had had not-so-good experience with handymen when we moved to a new home, we already had a team. We dissected the idea, researched it, asked random people questions, we even conducted a small survey. I remember how we debated with so many names; You don’t even want me to mention some ridiculous names we came up with (especially John *tongue out*), we laughed so hard during this period.


We have had our trying times when I thought we won’t be working on this project together. Nigeria sometimes bring the beast out of people, and sometimes, we just need to hustle to make immediate cash, of course wesabi wasn’t going to start bringing cash soon. I remember when I quit my last job to face wesabi squarely, Zainab was shocked. There were times when we scold ourselves, but then again, we smile over it and settle. We are not perfect but together we will drive the project to unbelievable heights, that I can assure you.

People refer to us as cofounders but in truth we are just very good friends trying to achieve the extraordinary.

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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