Should the Handyman transport fare be covered?

Should Handymen charge for their transport fare? Personally, I don’t subscribe to it, but then I’m thinking from a client side, if you ask 100 plumbers or electricians, 90 of them will answer Yes. Some couple of months ago, we were still contemplating this within the WESABI team; there was a request for an AC repair man from Ajah, Lagos, on a Sunday. The client had wanted our AC expert to come same day, even after telling him no one was available on the Lagos Island. The nearest available expert in our network was in Egbeda but the client insisted he comes over still (those staying in Lagos will understand this distance). The expert arrived at Ajah after some hours, only for the client to say “I’m going out and this work has to be postponed”. He just left without giving a hoot about where the expert was coming from.

These occurrences happens every now and then, sometimes a client would just suddenly change or cancel a schedule while the expert is already on the way to client’s address. One time, we decided to start charging a very minimal fee to cover for our worker’s transport, then again, order cancellation increased. Once some clients realize they have to pay One thousand naira (₦1000) fee to cover for worker’s transport, they decline. We were caught in the middle, left in dilemma.

In the end, we could keep arguing but wouldn’t it be fair to pay for these fares but then that will be introducing a bias to the argument already. I will like to know what your bias on this.

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