They won’t see TECHNOLOGY coming!

I have looked around me in awe of how technology has evolved, evolved our way of life, way of thinking, way of doing things. The Nigeria and Africa community seem to lag behind sometimes, but you see, Paul Graham explained in his book; Hackers and Painters, “until the elite of Nations start to re-think their ways about making money. If the Elitist in a Nation still think stealing a Nation’s wealth is the way to riches rather than creating it, the Nation will be stuck in the 19th century”.

This opinion relates very well to me, with respect to the country I am from; Nigeria. Just recently, there was haggle about a tech company that supposedly duped the Central Bank of my country. I use this example as the perfect scenario to show the way most elitist still think in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Remita is a FINTECH company and was contracted to procure transfers of payment from commercial banks to the CBN, to a certain account called TSA.

You see, like the usual FINTECH, Remita charged a certain commission for certain amount of money being processed across its platform, this amounted to billions of Naira being processed across the Remita Platform. Out of the blues, some elitist in my country’s so called political class raised eye brows.

Before I go on, I need to let you know most of the money that made the extremely rich people rich in my country are stolen wealth. Are there genuinely Rich people? Absolutely, few I must say. This Elitist from the so called “House of Assembly” couldn’t phantom a small company making so much money without stealing a dime in a very short while. They didn’t understand how it was possible. I remembered, one of these elitist even asked a representative from Remita to show them the product physically. (How funny)

I’m sorry if this is starting to sound like the usual political warfare in my country, but this article isn’t about politics, it is about how Elitist in African countries can’t see what technology can achieve in a very short while, how they are not even ready to change their thinking, how they couldn’t care less as long as they are getting richer by “stealing”.

I still don’t think the Elitist in Africa have woken up to reality, they don’t know there is a group of smart individuals coming. Where Nigeria and other African countries will only exist to them as a place of in-habitation, where the rules will mean nothing to them, and the Law will be created by them. Where all they need to create wealth, a lot of wealth is just a one-bedroom apartment, a laptop and the internet. While the Elitist and their brain-washed followers fight over country’s resources and unavailability of stolen cash, technology would have created a different kind of wealth. The Revolution has started and it will be shown live on your nearest smart devices!

They won’t see TECHNOLOGY coming!!

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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