7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you are a cautious housekeeper and love to be handy, here are the top 7 necessary items to get your small task at home done. How many do you have?

  1. Philips screwdriver. A Philips or X-shape screwdriver is probably one of the most common tools in any toolbox. Flathead screwdriver. A Flathead or straight screwdriver is invaluable; most light switch plates use straight screws.

measure_tape.png2. Tape measure. Your tape measure is indispensable for figuring out placement of objects, and calculating floor plans and furniture sizes. It’s always a good idea to measure more than once to make sure you’ve got it right.

utility Knife.jpg

3. Utility knife. From cutting paint around windows that are stuck closed to opening boxes, scoring drywall or even trimming the edges of carpet, the uses are so many that you’ll be surprised how you ever got by without one.


4. Level. Some people are good at eyeballing whether something is level or not, but this tool takes all the guesswork away. It takes only a slight error to make objects look off-kilter.


5. Hammer. Pounding nails, pulling nails, crowbar action, tapping things into place — it almost goes without saying why you need hammer.Its leverage can assist you when you take that wall down.


6. Pliers. The serrated jaws of pliers assist with holding objects firmly, as well as with pulling, pinching or bending metal.


7. Ladder or step stool. Painting, reaching the light-bulb, changing fixtures, trimming the hedge, stringing lights, getting into the attic and many more activities require the aid of a ladder.



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