The First Job

It all began in Dec 2014, the idea; Oh! What a great idea this will be. I had just moved to a new apartment, the idea had struck me, why can’t I simplify all of these things, so the process began. The team was put together, we decided on what and how the platform will look like. In our minds, we were creating the “smartest” startup in the Ecosystem.

Our Alpha product was ready by March 2015, so we decided to run a test with friends and some few random individuals. It was an uncoordinated exercise, had lots of glitches but we took the lessons and effected the changes to make it a better platform.

July 26th, the time had come for us to launch, to see what our “smart” startup will be in the face of an ever punishing Nigerian market. We all agreed to make it go live by 12 Midnight which will be 27th July. So it was midnight at last and we had officially launched a startup, not that I had not undertaken any business before, in fact, I had always been an entrepreneur since my secondary school days (I used to manage my mum’s poultry farm) but this felt different, it felt new, it felt exhilarating.

12 midnight felt like dawn, I was awake all night waiting for the first task prompt; Heart racing, anxiety at all-time high, will this flop? Will anyone ever visit our platform? 8am had come so fast, I hadn’t slept all night, not a single task had been posted, the consolation rang in my head “no one will visit your “smart” platform in the middle of the night” but then 24 hours passed, then 48 hours, and I can’t remember me being so sullen in a long long time. My head must have been processing about a million thoughts per minute, like “Oh God, we have failed”, “it’s a disaster”, “The end is nigh”, “such a wasted effort”, and so on and so forth (it’s funny how the human brain works). On the fourth day of waiting, an email sprung in “I need two shawarma delivered to me”, that email, at that moment felt like I had just closed a multi-million Naira deal, felt like a kid who had just been presented with a pack of chocolates.

The first task from our “smart startup” was created, like Magic, emails notification of task requests started pouring in 3, 5, 7 days afterwards

It all began with a certain Stephane (featured image above) who requested for a shawarma delivery, the unforgettable moment in our “smart startup”

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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