So, you just moved into a new apartment, the sink is leaking, door knobs are cringing, the house is a mess and needs serious cleaning out, oh and you also got to buy groceries and food stuff and a whole lot of other stuff. Then you remember you don’t know anyone in the new neighbourhood; you had fixed an appointment with your mum to come visiting the next day, the day after that, work resumes again! Unless you figure out how to make time stop, to allow you figure out a way, well, there wouldn’t be much that would get accomplished.

This literally was me two years ago, it felt so hard to get things done alone. I needed HELP!! We all need help.. sometimes. Then the WESABI came on board, the space could be disrupted, i wanted to automate these things badly.

So WESABI was birthed; an online social network service that allows you have access to exceptionally skilled personnel, and also get all your task done. The best of plumbers, master craftsmen in woodwork, verified house cleaners, errands guys, just about any services you need within a click.

So, here is how it works; first you post a task or a request, with all the relevant details like location, budget and all the other info. WESABI then sends a notification to the nearest available WESABI expert in your locality. Once we confirm he or she is available, you the client will get an email to notify you our expert will be coming over. And in case you are wondering, all WESABI experts go through a rigorous verification method, as for the Artisans, we handpick the best through various means of recommendation from master craftsmen. We also take our time to train them on mannerism, etiquette and customer’s service.

And oh, payment happens through us, meaning once a WESABI expert bills you, you pay us, once they are done and you are satisfied, we then pay them. Basically WESABI saves you all the hassles you need to deal with from hiring just random Artisans and also makes your life easier by providing you a platform that cater for all your services under one platform So what are you waiting for; POST A TASK TODAY and let’s connect you to SABI people

Published by wesabiblog

I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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