The Lesson thus far

Earlier on i had published my very first post on this blog, to me, it was a landmark because there had been so many procrastination to setting up this blog in itself. Procrastination; that’s one thing i’m striving to get rid off as my journey into project WESABI continues, not like i hadn’t ran businesses in the past, in fact sometime in my 300 level, during my first degree, i owned a fish farm which incidentally, I ran pretty well, but of course the pressure wasn’t at all time high then. There was still “subsidy” coming from my parents as “pocket money” so it wasn’t in any way to be compared to WESABI.

I’d like to note some germane lessons i have learnt on this path:

  1. Nothing is Original: Whatever idea you have, someone else on the planet has thought about it as well and there is room for more than one if the product/service fills a need and is better than what is out there.If you for once think you have an idea especially in Nigeria, and you think; oh,  i really should just rush things and put it out there because you feel it’s an entirely new project, i hate to disappoint you, you are so wrong.So back to about 4 months ago, i was having a chit chat with my developer and he was telling me someone is trying to duplicate our idea out there, he was surprised when i told him, okay, i will like the person to see how easy it is to actually implement an idea like WESABI. If you don’t put your heart in any startup or business, you can be as intelligent as Newton, it won’t fly.
  2. Business Plan: Yes, you need a business plan as a road map, but shouldn’t be followed literally because things are constantly in a state of change. In fact, whatever you are thinking at the beginning is probably wrong but you will learn what you need to make a success after 9-12  months of operations. WESABI original model is far from what is on ground right now, we had to learn, adapt, and change.
  3. Resiliency and Networking: We have been made to change so many things in our original plan, at first, we opposed it, but then we had to look at thing from the neutral point of view, sat back for a moment and compared, these were tough times. We didn’t let that be the end, we were focused, i was resilient, i had to make this work. Another thing that was missing in the initial stage; we were all too close and personal to the project, we needed to get out there, network with people, especially entrepreneurs who think alike, no disrespect but as an entrepreneur, hanging around job seekers won’t help much. In fact it makes you feel depressed!

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I'm an entrepreneur who believes in using technology to provide solution to humanity;Maybe someday tech might help us live forever!!!

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